SALT Testing

Most nationally standardized achievement tests end up being instructionally insensitive. We do not promote standardized testing in any way as it is against what we stand for, individuality. However, some parents prefer their child participates in an end of year standardized test.

As a Florida Homeschooler, you have several options.

1. Not testing
2. Participate in your local school’s FSA
3. Choose to participate in another type of standardized test through a testing center or by becoming a certified test administrator

We are happy to announce that SALT is a certified testing center and we are able to help you!
SALT is offering the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills)
About the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)

This is a top-rated, nationally standardized test designed to evaluate thinking skills. It is very similar to the Stanford Achievement Test, except that it takes less time to administer, and permits greater flexibility for students taking a test out of grade level. For more information on the alignment of the ITBS please visit

Should your child participate in the ITBS?

This is not a requirement. Keep in mind that there may be only three questions on a particular skill and on the basis of those, a child is scored as average, below average, or above average on that skill. If you spend any time at all helping your child with his studies, you already have a more insightful assessment than such a test score gives.

Testing at SALT

Cost for testing is $80 per student.

Call us to schedule your test today.