Our Team


Susy Boschetti

Susy Boschetti holds a Masters in Educational Leadership, as well as a Teacher Certification and Principal Certification in the State of Florida.  Most importantly, she is a mom of two children who have inspired her to create the most beneficial academic environment for children.


Susy has had experience in both private and public school settings.  She dedicates herself to taking the best of both settings into SALT, providing students an environment without labels.

Higher Elementary Teacher

Jenniffer Wood

Jenniffer has been an educator for as long as she can remember. As a former Christian school teacher, she has dedicated her life to the learning and achievement of each child’s balance of spiritual insight and academics. We are blessed to have her and her three sweet, kindhearted children as part of our family.  She brings the tools and experience to enable her students to become mindful and kind lifelong learners.

Middle School Teacher

Stephanie Klipfel

Stephanie joined the team in 2016, bringing her extensive knowledge and passion of language arts with her. She holds a Masters Degree in Education, and with her previous experience in the public school setting decided to journey into the world of homeschooling. She uses the classical trivium and classical education pillars of grammar, logic, and rhetoric in her instruction. Stephanie now has two very successful children in college, a middle schooler, and a little one who joins us at SALT. She is one admirable woman!

Lower Elementary Teacher

Allyn Smith

Allyn recently joined our SALT family as we continue to grow. She is an outstanding educator and a mom to three outstanding boys. Her passion for whole child education brought her to us, as she searched for a place where she could develop not only a child’s cognitive-intellectual activity, but also integrity, initiative, and imagination. Her energy is truly contagious which is one of the reasons she leads our lower elementary group.