The environment at SALT allows for continuous progress. Students do not need to spend time on concepts and skills they have already mastered. It provides students with stability through the ongoing relationships with instructors and minimizes competition because students recognize and accept that each student is in a different place in his or her learning.  By providing instruction to small groups at a time, the students become a tight community developing relationships of trust.

Small Instructional Settings

SALT Academy has small instructional settings that offer individualized applied learning to students by using a blended learning approach. Our instructors are able to offer physical support through small-group instruction, project-based learning, and individualized academics.

Adaptive Learning Software

SALT uses adaptive learning software to ensure that students fully understand each concept before moving forward.  This software continually differentiates for students in real-time, letting students move at their own pace and make self-directed choices.

Multilevel Classroom

Multilevel classroom refers to a student-centered classroom in which students learn across two or more grades for two or more years. These deliberately formed multilevel classrooms emphasize a continuum of learning, rather than maintaining grade differences.

Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are a fundamental key to student success. They support natural cognitive function by increasing oxygen flow to the brain, supporting neuronal health, and improving memory.

Daily Yoga

Movement is the key to our effective brain breaks. Yoga and meditation boosts energy, heightens concentration, reduces stress, improves mood, and promotes academic achievement.  This is part of our daily routine.

Friday Field Trips

At SALT, we learn outside every Friday.  We believe that students should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development.  This also provides our teachers the opportunity to plan meaningful lessons for our students. SALT is a member of the Association for Experiential Education.